Imphal Talkies and The Howlers

Imphal Talkies is an Imphal based band founded in 2008.

Band Members

Akhu aka Ronid Chingangbam – Vox, Guitars
Sachidananda Angom – Guitars
Irom Singthoi – percussion
Chaoba Thiyam -Pena
Karnajit Laishram – Bass

Band Interests

Politics, Rage, Protest, Sharmila, Love, Peace, Old Monk, bukowski, beat generation, Pressure Cookers
Artists They Also Like
RATM, Lou Reed, RHCP, Cohen,ramones, King Crimson, The Clash, Blur, Radiohead, Muse, Dylan,Buddhachandra, Noir Desir , REM, Tom Waits, COunting Crows Rewben Mashangva,etc


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