Towards the tail end of 2015, a group of 4 young and passionate musicians started jamming together, mostly to enjoy their mutual love for modern rock. However, it got too hard to ignore their undeniable chemistry and these young talented men decided to put their skills to good use, and so it began. A few more jam sessions and a bit of soul searching later SNF was born.

These rockers have an admirable belief to not look too far but rather accomplish one goal at a time as they move forward, and inspire their audience to develop a positive perspective towards life, along the way.

As clichéd as it may sound, the band of four believe that with every session or performance they learn something new, which they credit to their collective growth, both musically and personally.

SNF consists of Wati Imchen, the lead guitarist and also their technician, who possesses an enviable repertoire of musical technicalities; Neil Gonmei, a drummer who never ceases to amaze his fellow band mates with his unconventional  beats; Imnamaong Imchen the groovy bassist whose never-die attitude serves as a constant source of inspiration; and Albert Jinger, Vocalist, lyricist and composer extraordinaire whose experience is an invaluable asset to them. With their humble beginnings well behind them, SNF has only upwards to go.


Winners of Hornbill International Rock Contest 2016.

Winners of Rockville National Rock Contest 2016.

Winners of National Summer Beats Battle of the Bands 2016.

Winners of TechAura National Rock Contest 2016.


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