The Gluttones’ debut single ‘Super Hero’ out now!

The Gluttones

The Gluttones, an alternative Pop/Rock band from Dimapur, Nagaland is out with their debut original single “Super Hero” . Recorded at Jam Studio 11 and mixed at Element Indie Studio, Dimapur, the band says “the song speaks about our father, who is our real life superhero and they are much stronger even without any fancy costume”.

Have a listen and download it from Indihut

~About the Band~

The Gluttones is an alternative pop/rock, synth pop and label their genre as “Schizophrenic pop” (also known as Schizoid pop) originating from Dimapur, Nagaland. The band was formed in the mid september 2015 with Sholo Thong on the vocals, Nesavoyi Vese on guitars, Katovi Sumi (Alex) on the drums, Mulong Lkr on the bass and Binto Semy on the keys/synth.


The Gluttones were one of the selected bands at the Hornbill International Rock Contest, 2015. Though the band did not win the contest, they gained a lot of fans for their on-stage performances. They were also featured on The Northeast Today magazine three times. TNT included them in their list of “10 Northeast bands to be watched out in 2016” The band auditioned and were selected for the ongoing first edition of Summer Beat Contest, Version 1.0, initiated by Blend Productions. The finale of the contest will take place on July 2.

Apart from their show at the Hornbill International Rock Contest, 2015 the band also performed at the Magnum Opus, a music and Art Festival organized by Act of Kindness in collaboration with North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), Jesus Generation, HisPop, Abiogenesis’ Bumhum 10th anniversary celebration and Rough Road Session at Makers Market.


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  1. OK.. The verse was like, oh.. This sounds nice and fresh…love the symphonic arrangements.. Then, the chorus came in.. Oh, I wish they could have worked more about it. Didn’t quite sounded good as in transition with the verse.

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